Rise Above the Digital Clutter with Direct Mail

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of marketers say that combining online channels with offline marketing is key to success

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increase in website visits when digital is integrated with direct mail

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increase in leads when digital is

integrated with direct mail

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of Canadians display mail advertising in their homes

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of Canadians share direct mail with family and friends

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of retailers say that direct mail shows the best ROI of all channels that they use

Make your marketing resonate where it matters most at the heart of consumers' decision-making - right in their homes.

Targeted Precision: Utilize advanced data and targeting tools to drop messages directly at customers' doorsteps.

Retargeting Excellence: Extend your online presence by retargeting visitors with impactful physical mail media.

Tactile Engagement: Offer a tangible and memorable experience that digital cannot replicate, providing a unique touchpoint.

Make the most of your marketing budget with the effectiveness of direct mail.

Creative Freedom: Unleash limitless creativity with diverse format possibilities that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Concrete Results: Experience the best return on investment, response rate and conversion rates compared to other channels.

Generational Appeal: Connect with younger Canadians who are rediscovering the mailbox as a valuable communication channel.

Colour By Design Postcard Template for Direct Mail!

We can also customize your design!


In a competitive industry, you have to stand out from the crowd to be noticed. It starts with your image and your brand, which is uniquely you. We can start your brand from scratch or work with your current one. 


Colour By Design can print anything for you that fits up to 13″ x 19″. Along with printing, we cut, fold, score, laminate, saddle stitch and perforate. Have your own designer?

No problem. We print for everyone!


A message is only important if you can get it out to the masses, and Colour By Design can make this part of the job as stress free as possible. Ask us about our rates for the following services and make sure that your clientele is in the loop.

Neighbourhood Mail

Personalized Mail Campaign

Variable Data

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